What is the difference between Flick and Follow Thru?
Both are elite level shooting programs, designed by NBA trainers, but the main difference between the two is:

Flick – Go at your own pace and finish as quickly as 20 days. A one-time fee and more instructional with how to video and breakdowns from NBA trainers.

Follow Thru – A monthly subscription based program, where you receive a daily workout, new every day, and compete against everyone else for points and bragging rights. In addition to every completed workout, receive instant feedback with workout reports and statistics to help you improve.
Which shooting program should I do first?
If you have both programs or plan on doing both programs, you should do Flick first. Flick is more instructional to help you improve and also shows you how to do many of the drills in Follow Thru better.
How long are the workouts?
Workouts will vary on skill and performance level. However, each workout was designed to be from 15-30 mins, so you can do them anytime and anywhere!
What type of drills and workouts will I be doing?
Our shooting programs focus on improving your shot, first and foremost. Within our workouts you will also be working on conditioning, footwork, ball handling moves, space awareness, coming off screens and more.
I signed up for a trial, how do I buy Flick and/or Follow Thru?
The easiest way to sign up for one of the programs is to login to your profile. There will be buttons with the Flick and Follow Thru logos. Click the one you want and follow the directions to improve your shot today!
I used a promo code, but did not get my discount?
First, make sure to check if you needed to use capital letters or not. If you typed it in correctly and did not receive your discount make sure to contact us and we will straighten it out! [email protected]
What do I receive in the newsletter?
Can I get my shot analyzed?iners. All designed to help you be better prepared for your basketball journey.
Can I get my shot analyzed?
Shot Analysis has developed a revolutionary way to help players, teams and coaches across the world, understand and ultimately improve their shots. Currently we are working exclusively with NBA players and teams, and is not accessible to the public.
When will I be able to get my shot analyzed?
TBD – But hopefully by the end of 2017!