Our Mission

"You can't improve what you don't measure."

Shot Analysis' goal is to improve shooting and the game of basketball, one shot at a time. Shooting is the most important part of the game and has never been more prevalent. Winning more games and separating yourself from the competition usually comes down to making more shots. However, shooting numbers are not improving across the sport. We are confident we have the best tools to help every player and team take their game to the highest level! With our elite shooting programs, Flick and Follow Thru, improving has never been easier! We look forward in helping you along your basketball journey!

We look forward in helping you along your basketball journey!

Our Story

"A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind." -Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi

Shot Analysis happened initially by accident. Two Time NCAA National Player of the Year and former professional, Andrew Olson was curious. With a background of playing 20+ years, including college and professionally, and 10+ years of training the reality had hit him. Most players miss their shots short. But why?

Curious and one to figure out a solution, a theory was created and put to the test. First step, gather the data. Three years, thousands of hours and thousands of shots recorded, the theory had been tested and the results were overwhelming.

Second step, establish the best way to explain.

Third step, with the data, and theory tested, ASA or Accumulated Shot Analysis was born. Finally a way to track, monitor and explain a player’s shot mechanics. Currently ASA services are only being used with NBA players and teams.

But, we thought to ourselves…how could we help the rest of the basketball world improve their shot?

So, Andrew got together with NBA trainer Jordan Lawley, and one of the brightest young developers around, Andy Simon, and proceeded to make elite level training programs that could be done from your phone. Happily, we give you Flick and Follow Thru, to improve your shot, one shot at a time!

Our Team

Andrew Olson
Founder, Creator of ASA

During his four years at Amherst College (Division III), Andrew played in three straight Final Fours (2006-2008) and won a National Championship in 2007. He received the NCAA National Player of the Year Award in 2007 and 2008, and was a finalist for the Bob Cousy Collegiate Point Guard of the Year Award (2007 and 2008). After college, Andrew played professionally in Europe for two seasons where he led in points, assists and steals.

Today, Andrew uses his experience on the court to develop his clients' skills. During his time as a basketball trainer, he became motivated to solve a common problem related to shooting performance - missing short. After three years of development and working directly with NBA teams, colleges and nationally ranked high school players, Andrew was able to explain this conundrum and Shot Analysis was formed.

Jordan Lawley
Head Trainer

A four-year starter at UC San Diego, Jordan led his team to their first ever NCAA tournament while becoming the all-time scoring leader, making the most field goals, free throws, and highest field goal percentage in school history. Upon finishing his collegiate career averaging over 21 pts/game and being named an NCAA All-American and Daktronics West Coast Player of the Year, Jordan played professional basketball in Mexico (16pts/game) and New Zealand (18pts/game), and was selected by Nike in 2014 as one of the top 16 players in the world to play in Barcelona, Spain for the Nike Summer is Serious II game.

Now, as a professional trainer, he has found his stride with a training technique that is unrivaled. He has travelled all over the U.S. to work with and train countless pros in the NBA, overseas (FIBA), WNBA, and thousands of Middle School and High School hoopers all around the world teaching them the efficient and effective way to take their game to the next level!

Andy Simon

During his four years at UC San Diego, Andy pursued studies in Human Computer Interaction. His background in Computer Science harmonized with his interest in art and design.

Andy also spent 9 year playing lacrosse as goalie. During his final year at UCSD, Andy was awarded MVP for a second time and led the team as Captain. Andy has always had an interst in sports and fitness, and welcomes the opportunity to merge this interest with website development and user interface design.

Brian Giometti
Director of Analytics

Brian was a three-year varsity starter at Francis Parker High School in San Diego, CA, where he received All-Conference honors. He subsequently played at both the University of Denver and Emory University. Following undergraduate, Brian worked for the United States Treasury, performing various risk-focused analyses for regional financial institutions. Brian left Treasury in 2014 to pursue his MBA at Emory University's Goizueta Business School, staying heavily involved in the development of the ASA model while also working for a local tech startup. In addition to overseeing ASA analytics, Brian works in investment banking.

Brian currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife Courtney and their dog, Riggs.

He used to be able to jump considerably high, but is now washed up.

Fletcher Walters
Marketing/ Data Analyst

From Ann Arbor, MI, Fletcher Walters is a unique left handed Forward and polished shooter. He was an integral part of three straight NCAA D3 Final Fours (2006-2008) and won a National Championship in 2007 for Amherst College (Amherst, MA). Following his college career he went on to play professional Basketball for the Iserlohn Kangaroos (Germany) and the Musel Pikes (Luxembourg) where he was selected 1st-Team All League each year.

After 2 years of playing professional Basketball in Europe, he decided to capitalize on his technology & marketing interests and moved to San Diego, CA. He was an integral piece to the development of Shot Analysis from its early stages and continues to support the game-changing technology while expanding the reach of the system outside of California. Working as an analyst and helping crunch big data are what make Fletcher such an important member to the team.